LINEART BATHROOM FURNITURE has started to produce cabinets for bathroom sector fot three year. During this time, our main object is; smooth,quality product and maximum customer satisfaction.

With total quality understanding, we prefer to use quality raw metarials and auxiliary materials in all af our products and present them to the consumer.

In addition to our existing models in this year, we present you with 14 new models in four collections and 46 models in total and for you an our consumer. Bathrooms are one of the most important places of our house and rest our souls,we find health,we renew our bodies. We, as LINEART BATHROOM, will meet your daily needs our products; we aim to produce quality products that will provide comfortable and ergonomic usage for you.

We, as LINEART BATHROOM family, are proud to serve you. Again, always with the wish to be together...

LineART Bathroom Furniture