As one of the leading companies that are sensitive to the environment and society in the production of LINEART Bathroom Furniture, believe in technological, continuous development, give priority to quality in its products and services, and is sensitive to the environment; Achieving targets with a process approach and a risk-based management approach, To minimize the pollution and damage to the environment by controlling the factors that may cause environmental pollution, Fulfilling the Compliance Obligations, fulfilling the product - environmental legislation and other conditions that the organization has committed to comply with, To minimize the effects we will give to the environment by using the best possible technology during our activities, To ensure the efficient and efficient use of Energy and Natural resources, To share environmental awareness and our efforts to protect the environment with our employees, customers, suppliers and society, to ensure their adoption as a philosophy of life, to provide training that develops according to needs to increase environmental awareness, In order to protect the environment, to work on reducing the formation of pollution at its source, making it effective and reusing it, To use the life cycle approach in processes that environmental effects can control and affect to prevent involuntary increase in the life cycle, It commits to contribute to the national economy with a reliable and quality resource management in the field of quartz, composite and natural stone products / products.